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My love and experience with dogs began as a child; our family kept, and occasionally bred, Jack Russell Terriers.


Growing up with several generations of dogs (22 JRTs over the years to be precise!) gave me the understanding that not only does every breed have its own traits, but each individual dog its own personality.


Like many I left home, went to uni, and moved to London hoping to find my calling and a ‘decent’ job to pay my way etc etc…


Ok, so I did this for so long, dissatisfied and unhappy, knowing deep down that what I was doing was of no real benefit to me and didn’t really serve anyone other than my boss!


**Luckily** I was made redundant and six years ago I moved to St Albans to live with my partner.


Away from the fast city pace, tall buildings and flat sharing meant I could eventually get myself the much pined-for and now very-much-cherished miniature dashchund.


Soon after Ruby Dog Walking St Albans was conceived and my life turned a 360 for the better.


I dedicate my experience, skills, understanding and continuous learning to the care and training of your canine friends.

Whatever the weather my devotion to the pooches and puppies in my care is unparalleled.

Rain, wind, hail or snow – I can’t get enough!


I continue to update my canine knowledge by studying with the IMDT and is why I promise you the best possible dog walking and pet caring service possible by listening to your preferences and offering advice if requested.


**I am trained and experienced in caring for puppies during those precious, first months.


I offer a no obligation meet and greet to discuss your needs and of those of your dog and/or puppy.


The welfare of your pet is truly at the heart of my service.


• Fully insured with Pet Plan Sanctuary

• CRB/DBS checked; trusted key holder

• Continuous study and research of dog and puppy training with the IMDT

• Will reinforce training and commands/cues at your request


New dogs will often be walked on lead on the first walk so that your pooch and I can get to know each other.


Home visits last 30 minutes to an hour depending on criteria where I will let them out into the garden, dispose of mess, play with them, top up water, feed (if requested), change crate pads if necessary and leave to toys and Kongs (also by request)


Whether you need a regular dog walker or require walking on an occasional ad-hoc basis then please get in touch.


I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,


07562 068717


Bud the Pug
Ruby mini sausage
Poppy Cocker Spaniel